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   MCSB CDs For Sale  

We know you want to be able to listen to the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band any time you want - NOW YOU CAN!

We have recorded our concerts, and CDs of our recent concerts are for sale! Or for recent concerts, the CDs will be for sale as soon as we obtain the mechanical rights licenses for the final few tunes.

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How To Order A CD
The Special King Edward Stomp CD
Concert CDs
Why Do CDs Take So Long? 

How To Order A CD - Or Several!

IF YOU WANT A CD, they will be for sale at our next concert (Click here for concert information), or send $15 per CD, plus $3 shipping and handling per order, to 

The Mississippi Community Symphonic Band
Mr. Bobby McClellan, Treasurer
2226 Meadow Oak Dr., Suite B-374
Flowood, MS 39232

Be sure to indicate in your order which CDs you want, and how many of each. Include an address where you want us to send your CDs.

Don't forget, that's three things to include in the envelope you send us: (1) Tell us what you want; (2) Send the right amount of money; and (3) Tell us where to send it.

We should ship your CD within a few days of receiving your order, but please bear with us if it takes a week or so. If it's a recent concert, the CD might still be in production, and it will take a bit longer.

The SPECIAL King Edward Stomp CD

We are now taking advance orders for a special CD recorded at our October 3, 2005 concert. The CD contains

The King Edward Stomp
A Patriot's Anthem
Stars and Stripes Forever

The price is only $5 per CD. The reason the cost is so reasonable is that there are no copyright issues with these titles.

To order a CD, please send your request for "The King Edward Stomp CD" along with your check or money order for $5 per CD ordered, plus $3 for shipping and handling per order, AND your name and mailing address, to our treasurer at the address above. 

Please allow a month to six weeks for delivery, although we'll try to get it to you sooner than that. 

Concert CDs 

CDs available now (or soon) include recordings of our concerts on

  • November 8, 2004
  • February 28, 2005 (our anniversary concert)
  • May 21, 2005 - the 50/50 CD. (Note, due to technical difficulties, we LOST the recording of the first half of this concert, so we are including the entire Stage Band portion of the concert, and the second half of the concert band concert.)
  • August 6, 2005
  • October 3, 2005
  • May 19, 2007
  • Aug 25, 2007

There are more concerts available now - please use our CONTACT FORM to request a list of currently available CDs.

Why Making CDs Takes So Long: First, we must get the permissions to "reproduce and distribute" recordings. Most of the songs we play are copyrighted, and we want to be sure the writers and publishers of these tunes get the compensation they're entitled to.

Next, we need to figure out how many to order. If you want a CD, please be sure to let us know ASAP!

Finally, once we have the permissions, we need to physically make the copies. These CDs are digitally recorded on some excellent equipment, professionally reproduced, with a printed-on-the-CD label, a jewel case, and the information card inserts, then the whole thing is shrink-wrapped for security.

We want to do it right. We want you to enjoy your CD as much as you (and we) enjoy the concerts. 




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