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The Mississippi Community 
Symphonic Band
 Proposed Helper Jobs

This document contains the names and descriptions for various jobs in the band and in the support group. 

The information in this document is not binding, nor is it set in concrete -- it is under development and subject to revision.

If after reading this document and the other planning documents, you have suggestions to make, please get in touch with the Band Organizers.

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The Mississippi Community Symphonic Bands, Inc.

These are some possible jobs for Helpers of the MCSB. They are in no particular order, simply listed here as we think of them. Where possible, we also include some of the duties that may go along with that job.

Member, Board of Directors

This won’t be just any “status” job – we’ll want you to put in time, effort, and yes, even money. The Board of Directors for the MCSB will be responsible for overseeing all the top officers of the Band, specifically the Music Director, and the Business Director. They will be responsible for overseeing fund-raising, for the treasury of the Band, and for determining if, when, and how much the officers of the Band should be paid. They will also be responsible for recruiting and training new Board members, and for ensuring the continued enthusiasm for the work from themselves and other Board members.

Chair, Board of Directors

This job is to oversee all actions of the Board of Directors. It will be more work than just a member’s job, and as such it requires someone with dedication and enthusiasm above that of most others. The Chair of the Board of Directors will be the primary liaison between the MCSB and CEOs (or other high individuals) of supporting organizations, and as such will attend such functions as may be needed.

Business Director

This is the chief officer in charge of all activities that are not specifically musical. The business director oversees and coordinates all Non-Profit requirements, all fund-raising activities, all social event activities, all concert and rehearsal bookings, and all other volunteer activities. The Business Director serves as the representative for all staff and volunteers on the Board of Directors. The Business Director will attend or designate a person to attend any functions of the Mississippi Center for NonProfits that at which the MCSB needs representation.

Associate Conductors

There may be openings for one or more associate conductors, depending on how many players we have in the band, and how many bands we have. The associate conductor may lead the band in one or more numbers per concert, and will consult regularly with the Conductor (Music Director) on how to bring out the best in the players and the music.

If and when we have multiple bands, we will need an Associate Conductor to be the primary conductor for the additional bands.


This individual will be in charge of the bank accounts and accounting and reporting for all monies involved with the MCSB. This would be a great position for an accountant or a bookkeeper. The Treasurer might be elected from the Board of Directors, or might be appointed from volunteers for the position.

Librarian and Library Staff

The Librarian reports to the Music Director and supervises any additional library staff members, if any. The Librarian may also serve on the Music Committee. The Librarian is in charge of the music library and the band folders, and seeing that the appropriate music is available to the players for rehearsals and concerts. The Librarian is also responsible for keeping track of who has which music, and for tracking down lost or inadvertently-taken music.

Quartermaster and Quartermaster Staff

The Quartermaster reports to the Music Director and supervises any additional Quartermaster staff members, if any. The Quartermaster is responsible for any property owned by the MCSB, including but not limited to stands, lights, chairs, instruments, vehicles, trailers, and office equipment. The quartermaster and staff are responsible for seeing that rehearsal and concert facilities have the correct setup of chairs and stands, and that the necessary instruments are moved to concert locations and returned when finished.

Fund-Raising Chair

The Fund-Raising Chair is responsible for coordinating all fund raising proposals with the Board of Directors (approval?), recruiting helpers as needed, appointing and supervising project chairs, initiating, executing, tracking, and reporting on all fund raising activities. Of particular interest are the areas of corporate donations/sponsorship and individual donation programs. The Fund-Raising Chair will also ensure that we regularly apply for corporate, governmental, and foundation grants and other funding opportunities.

Fund-Raising Staff

We will need a large number of workers in this area. Training and guidance will be provided. We need people to track and sort information, to coordinate calling lists and visiting lists, to make phone calls, to visit potential donors, write and mail letters, and perform all other needed fund raising tasks.

Awards Committee Chair and Members

The Awards Committee is the principal historian central for the MCSB. People on this committee (or set of committees) figure out how best to recognize players, staff members, and supporters deserving of recognition. They solicit items from donors to be awarded to recipients, design award certificates, and take in nominations and votes for various award categories.

Note: Due to some great feedback from Karen Poorman of the South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble, we may want to rethink our awards program. Karen tells us that sometimes awards programs can cause more dissent than the benefit is worth, especially from those who don’t receive awards.