The Mississippi Community
Symphonic Band

BAND NEWS - Historical archives.

Here we keep an archive of all the band news posted on the front page in the past. For your reading enjoyment.



AUGUST 2007 Concert - Record Crowd TREND??

Not only did we play one of our best concerts ever, but we also had ANOTHER record-setting crowd of over 630 people! Could this be the beginning of a trend? Is the word about the MCSB finally getting out? Are we going to outgrow the Belhaven auditorium soon?

AWESOME Third Birthday Concert!

WOW! What a concert! We had our largest crowd ever (over 625!) for our longest concert ever (nearly two hours), and the unanimous reaction of the band members AND the audience was that this was our BEST concert ever!

Virtuoso Scott Shelsta played marvelously, and left hundreds of mouths hanging open at his wonderful sound and at the amazing things he could do on his trombone. You can read more about him on his website, at  

If you want to hear more about this concert, just talk to anyone who was there!

Ridgeland BALLOON GLOW 2006 -- What an event!

Wow! What an event! We were originally scheduled to begin playing at 9:30 PM (on Friday, June 30, 2006) and play through the fireworks, after the event's featured performer did his thing. But his plane got cancelled, and the event coordinator asked, "Could you play any earlier? Please?" I assured him we were planning to be here before our scheduled time - although not a full HOUR before, and we would start playing as soon as we had enough people. 

What a great group we have! We began playing (I think) about 40 minutes before we were scheduled to start, and by the time we were into the second number, we had just about everyone there! 

A huge THANK YOU  to Mayor Gene McGee, Recreation and Parks Director Chris Chance, and Special Events Coordinator Wendy Bourdin, all of Ridgeland, for inviting us to play in this event. Also to all band members who helped make it such a success, but particularly to Mike Weidick, who supplied the lights that let us see our music, and the bodacious sound system that gave us such a good sound, even a quarter mile away.  I hate mentioning names because I'm always afraid I'll leave someone out, but Mike and his crew deserve special recognition. 

Next year, if we're invited to play, we'll have things much more well-planned, much more in advance, and we'll see if maybe we can make an MCSB 4th of July party out of it. Besides, we'll have to sit around for a while afterwards anyway while all the cars are leaving. Might as well socialize and have fun, right?

SUPER JOB on the May 20, 2006 Concert!

The band is getting ever better, musically. Our entrances and togetherness are constantly improving, and if you don't believe that's true -- just wait until you get your copy of the concert CD! We had close to 400 people in the audience, and they were super enthusiastic! GREAT JOB, everyone!

Mississippi Nurses' Foundation Fundraiser on April 29, 2006 Was A Great Success! 

The MCSB had a GREAT time playing for this event. Because of the weather, the crowd was a bit small, but they were hugely enthusiastic! Our contact with the MNF is:

Charlotte Cockrell, Executive Director, Mississippi Nurses' Foundation

February 18, 2006 Concert was the BEST ONE YET!

Due to cold, wet weather, our crowd was smaller than usual, but it was still well over 300, and from first reports, they all had a WONDERFUL time!

December 17, 2005 Concert Was A Super One!

We had a RECORD CROWD at our Christmas Concert -- we were pushing 450 people in the audience! Both band members and audience members have said they felt this was the best we've ever played. It was a delightful concert, capped off by an awesome performance of O Holy Night by Dr. Bill Martin of Western Carolina University.


It was a TERRIFIC PARTY! Thanks and a huge round of applause to Sally and Sylvia and John (bodacious bassoonists!) for putting together and hosting the party, and especially to Sylvia and Charlie Hall for hosting the party at their house! 

Our October 3, 2005 Concert...

...Musically, this was the best we've ever performed! Congratulations to ALL The players who participated in this concert, especially those who worked so hard on all the solos and the difficult tunes we played - Trombonium, Chester, Rolling Thunder, and all the rest. Our focus on intonation, togetherness, and dynamic contrast is really paying off! Way to go, everyone!!

Our August 6, 2005 Concert...

...was one of our best yet! We had over 450 people in attendance, and they all had such a great time! The band played as well as they ever have, and when the audience left the building, every single one of them was wearing a huge smile! More to come!.

The May 21, 2005 Concert

This has to have been our best concert yet! A huge CONGRATS to Mike Jones, who sang A Patriot's Anthem, and to Rebekah Hamilton, who played solo flute in His Eye Is On The Sparrow -- and she arranged the accompaniment also! We had over FOUR HUNDRED enthusiastic fans in our audience for this concert, and their enthusiasm was overwhelming! We'll be posting some of their comments here soon. But for now, here's an excerpt from an email received from a band member the day after the concert:

WOW! WHAT a concert! ... My friends in the audience report that the FLAG graphics during Stars and Stripes were an AWESOME touch.  They were teary-eyed when it was over.  The conversation went something like this: "That flag waving on the screen; that wonderful Sousa march, all of us on our feet united in our love of God and Country, there wasn't a republican or a democrat in the house.  We were AMERICANS!"  I suggest we KEEP that, and make it a permanent fixture.


As a special surprise in our last concert, we had our very own stage band appear between concert sessions. They played five tunes, and the audienced loved them! They will make appearances at our future concerts, so be sure to be there!

The February 28, 2005 Concert

was a roaring success! Special thanks go out to all the musicians who worked so diligently to play such wonderful music for our audiences, to all the bit-soloists who sounded better than we've ever heard before, and to Chris Shelt of Belhaven College for his personality-filled announcing and for his singing performance of A Patriot's Anthem. Thanks also to all the people who worked behind the scenes in a thousand different ways to help pull this concert together. We couldn't do it without you!