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Patriotic Mass Choir

We are recruiting NOW for singers in the Mass Choir to sing with the MCSB in our patriotic extravaganza concert on MAY 21, 2017.

REHEARSALS will be the three preceding Tuesdays: May 2, May 9, and May 16.


Quicklinks For Information:

Date and Time Information

Map to Christ UMC

The Music We're Singing

Concert Procedures

Concert Attire

More Information, and How To Volunteer

The Post-Concert Party

Download The Flyers


Date and Time Information


We will have three practices for this concert, so you'll probably want to get the music (below) and listen to the MP3s (below) and work up the music on your own before the rehearsals.


CHOIR-ONLY REHEARSAL: Tuesday,May 2, 7-9 PM, at Christ United Methodist Church.


CHOIR-ONLY REHEARSAL: Tuesday, May 9, 7-9 PM, at Christ United Methodist Church.


CHOIR-ONLY REHEARSAL: Tuesday, May 16, 7-9 PM, at Christ United Methodist Church.


FULL DRESS REHEARSAL with the Band: Sunday, May 21 (the day of the concert), 1:30 PM, at Christ United Methodist Church


The concert starts at 3PM on Sunday, May 21. It will be in the sanctuary of Christ United Methodist Church.


The Music We Are Singing

The Patriotic Mass Choir will be singing five tunes with the band. You can get PDFs of your part and download or listen to MP3s of the music below.


Depending on your browser, clicking on a link below will either display the PDF file, or play the MP3 file, or begin to download it.

America the Beautiful, arr. Carmen Dragon

Printed parts will be furnished at rehearsal

Purchase your own part for $2.00

This Is America, arr. David Clydesdale

PDF of Choir Part

Purchase your own part for $2.15


THIS IS AMERICA REHEARSAL TRACKS - Listen to your part here:

Soprano 1 (Download)

Soprano 2 (Download)

Alto (Download)

Bass (Download)

U.S. Hooray!, arr. David P. Miller

PDF of Choir Part

Listen to an MP3 of a computer generated version of the part above. (Voices will be "Ahhhs")

Battle Hymn Of The Republic arr. Peter Wilhousky

Printed parts will be furnished at rehearsal

Purchase your own part for $1.48


BATTLE HYMN REHEARSAL TRACKS - Listen to your part here:

Soprano 1 (Download

Soprano 2 (Download

Alto (Download

Tenor (Download

Bass (Download

The Stars and Stripes Forever

PDF of the choir Part

(We'll be singing only the first and last times through the trio -NOT while the piccolos play the second time)

-- This is a link to a YouTube video of the MCSB playing the Stars & Stripes forever in 2012; the video will start at about 1:10 into the tune (this is the second strain; you can run it back to the beginning if you want).


The place where you will start singing is at 1:17 into the tune. The choir will sing (choir feature) one time through the trio at this point, then will rest through the "dogfight" strain and the piccolo feature, which starts at 2:18.


After the piccolo feature, there will be another dogfight strain, then the choir will come back in to sing with the GRAND FINALE, which begins at 3:19. Be ready to start singing (the same verse again) when the brass players stand up.



The band will be wearing white shirts, ties for men, and black from the waist down.


The attire for the choir is yet to be determined, but will probably be similar. The director will chat with you about it at rehearsals.


We might entertain the notion of having all red shirts on the left, white shirts in the middle, and blue on the right, but we will poll the choir before deciding on this.


All suggestions welcome.


As of this writing, the choir is scheduled to sing the last five numbers of the concert.


This means choir members should sit in the audience for the first half of the concert (Enjoy it!). The second half of the concert will have only two numbers before the choir begins singing, so you should take your places in the choir loft at the same time the band comes back on stage after the intermission break.

More Information, and How To Volunteer

To volunteer to sing in the choir for this concert, call or email Choir Coordinator and board member Tracee Thompson or Choir Director Michael Kemp

If you'd like to sing in this choir you can call or email

    Tracee Thompson at   or (601) 668-5093 (choir coodrinator)

    Michael Kemp at   or (601) 665-5565 (choir director)


We are seeking a choir of 100+ voices for this event, hopefully with balance in each of the SATB parts. Due to the limitations in the size of the choir loft, we can accommodate at most 200 voices in the choir.


Tracee is keeping the roster as to who will be in the choir, and making sure the sections are balanced.


When you email her, be sure to give (a) your name, (b) which part you sing, (c) your phone number, and (d) your email address.


Tracee will be your contact point for information about the music, concert procedures, attire, etc.


PLEASE BE SURE you can make all practice dates and the concert date.

Michael Kemp, Rehearsal Director, Guest Conductor

Michael will be conducting the choir-only rehearsals, and the performances of This Is America and the Battle Hymn of the Republic at the concert. He will give you his contact information at the rehearsals, or just read it above.



Please download, print, and distribute lots of these flyers to help us (a) recruit singers to participate in the concert, and (b) let EVERYONE know about the concert.


Flyer to Recruit SINGERS (PDF)

Flyer to Recruit SINGERS (JPG)


Print as many as you like! No extra charge! Help us get the word out about this concert by printing and handing out flyers for the concert.