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A History of the MCSB

In Februry of 2004, David Miller had recently arrived in the central Mississippi area. He went to play in a performance of the Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra in Terry, MS, where he encountered his friend Wayne Miller (no relation), who he hadn't seen for a number of years.


David said, "Hey Wayne. Where's the community band in this town. I want to play some more."


Wayne answered, "The last community band we had in this area died about eight years ago."


"Well, Wayne," David said, "we need to start one."


And so began the phenomenon that became the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band. David and Wayne met with Rayford Woodrick as the original board of directors, drawing up development plans and bylaws, establishing the group as a non-profit organization, and borrowing some music for the first practice.


The first practice was held on Feb 23, 2004, with 28 people in attendance, including three tuba players. They worked and grew, and on May 22, 2004, we held our very first concert, with about 45 people on stage (we regret we didn't make a roster of players for that concert) and about 275 people in the audience.


That was the smallest audience we've ever had.


(... more to come... )