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Symphonic Band

Mississippi Swing!

About Us

Officially formed in January of 2005, Mississippi Swing! is a 20+ piece Big Band comprised of local volunteer musicians who love music and the opportunity to perform the great big band hits: In the Mood, American Patrol, String of Pearls, Moonlight Serenade, etc. 

The size of the band and music repertoire is determined by your event, accommodations, and availability of musicians. Any donations generated by our performances help defray the cost of music, stage lights, and other much needed equipment and supplies.

Our Repertoire

Click here to see our available tunes we can play.

Historical Performances

    Christmas in Canton (1st performance) 

    Belhaven College (4 formal concerts) 
    Mississippi Epilepsy Foundation (Jackson Museum of Art) 
    Christmas in Canton (2 performances) 

    Madison/Ridgeland Rotary Club Sweethearts Banquet (Jackson Country Club)
    Mississippi Nurses Foundation Annual Fundraiser 
    Pepsi Pops 25th Anniversary 
    Belhaven College (2 formal concerts) 
    St. Paddy's Day Parade (MS Swing! Brass Band)

    20 Performances totalling over 22 performance hours, representing over 80
    rehearsal hours, not including individual practice time.

  1. * Miss Madison Pageant (January)

  2. * Madison Swing Dance (February)

  3. March Belhaven Concert

  4. St. Paddy's Day Parade (Brass Band)

  5. * St. Dominic Fundraiser (April)

  6. Pepsi Pops (May)

  7. *Metropolitan Supper Club (May)

  8. * Cajun Fest (St. Francis) (May)

  9. May Belhaven Concert

  10. Nurses' Foundation (June)

  11. August Belhaven Concert

  12. Germanfest in Gluckstadt (Oompah Band)

  13. International Fest at St. Francis (Oopah Band)

  14. Miller Wedding Reception

  15. Hindal Wedding Reception

  16. November Belhaven Concert

  17. Madison Birthday Bash

  18. St. Dominic Christmas Party (December)

  19. Ole Miss Pep Band at Mississippi Coliseum (December)

  20. December Belhaven Concert


1. March Belhaven Concert
2. St. Paddy's Day Parade (Brass Band 16 members!)

        Winner, Otha Turner Marching Award / $200 Cash Prize
3. Pepsi Pops (May)
4. Metropolitan Supper Club (March)
5.  May Belhaven Concert
6.  August Belhaven Concert
7.Germanfest in Gluckstadt
8.International Fest at St. Francis
9.November Belhaven Concert

10. Flowood Christmas Party (December 4th)
11.St. Dominic Christmas Party
12. December Belhaven Concert

Future Performances

Event  Date/Time Location
 (to be added)    

Participating Musicians

The following musicians have generously donated their time and talent

Trumpets: Bill Mayfield, Anne Berthold, George Murphy, Jeff Carter, Cal Horlings, Sam Johnson, Jeff Reiter, Mike Jones, Marvin Milner, Wayne Linehan, Buddy Rogers 
Trombones: John Retherford, Richard Tanner, Tim Golden, Jay Bennett, Bill Lumpkin, Patrick Hendrick, Bill Hand, Howard Jones, David Cox, Michael Weidick, Chris Munch 
Clarinet: Raphiell Ashford
: Barbara Cox, Wayne Miller, Gordon Skelton, Rob Chapman, Heath Twilley, Jim Crosthwait 
Tenor: Sherrill Holly, Jim Logan, Jeff Ely, Hugh Latimer. 
Bari: Ben Finison, Bill White 
Tuba: Rayford Woodrick
Vocals: Lori Blount
: Greg Mitchell, Bobby Williams, Bryce Upshaw
Percussion: Cucho Gonzales, Chris Blount
Bass: Bernard Holly, George Reed, Derrick Brown 
Piano: Elizabeth Koskie, Richard Smith, Jeneane Mixon 
Guitar: Ron Welch, Rick Moreira

Bookings / Additional Information

Contact David Schommer, Bandleader 
Phone: 601-nine five one-9091 
FAX: 601-eight five three-0183 
Email: trumpetdls at aol dot com